The Virgin Astronaut

By B Fink

Kimberly Jo Walcott was the science maven of Bellamy High School. Her aptitude for physics was unparalleled and her sheer prowess in biology and earth science inspired the envy of student and faculty alike. But her genius was most apparent in chemistry, where her being seemed as light as a noble gas. It was said of Kimberly that rocks and minerals were her friends and that the stars would be her only lovers.

Yet, Kimberly remained blissfully ignorant of her peers until Bellamy High School Class of 2037 branded her with a senior award: Most Likely to Become a Virgin Astronaut. That day Kimberly’s tears, laced with adrenocorticotropic and leucine enkephalin, streamed down her cheeks, and she didn’t return to participate in her graduation ceremony.

In 2055, Kimberly was selected as an alternate to astronaut and serial womanizer Marc Wyeth. She was determined to be on the mission by any means necessary, and there was only one guaranteed way she could get close to Marc. Her true genius was chemistry, and genius could be lethal.

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