The Urge to See Tomorrow

By Aruna Gurumurthy

Do we have the itch, the urge, the twitch to peep into tomorrow? Yes. Are we blessed enough to pluck the tunes of the future? No. Why then do we silently indulge in the luxury of looking into it? What on earth will happen in twenty years, who will be the next U.S. President and for some: When will I die? Such questions lurk around our minds, awake or in sleep. Smitten by astrologers, numerology experts, psychic healers, and people who say “I-know-what-to-see”, we live in a big brewing broth soaking the coins and rhythms of a future untold. And the bigger fact is, so what if you do know what’s up for tomorrow? I wish someone had told me in so many words, that my life would pan out this way. I would play darts in a bar and sip vodka on the rocks for every hit I get, every anomaly, every catastrophe. We sail in a big sea of surprises. We get hit by an avalanche of dreams. No matter what, are we going to say I quit thee? Heck no. I will pick up the daggers and live that darn life with prayers and positivity, with strength, support and resilience, hoping for visions and victories to rain upon me. Knowing the future ain’t the solution. The urge to know it all, ain’t victory. To live it all, despite all we know, is life.


Aruna Gurumurthy is an American author and observer of human nature. Since her childhood in Mumbai, India, she has embarked on a journey of creative exploration. Her poems have appeared in literary journals, regional anthologies and numerous poetry collections since 2015. Her forthcoming book will be published by Kelsay Books, of Utah. Aruna is part of the thriving Southern literary community. She lives with her loving family, including her husband and young daughter, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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