The Street

by Frank Rutledge

The street grows disappointed in the direction it travels, even though beautiful landscapes surround on each side. Still, this does nothing to change its spirits. The street suffers the daily burden of carrying traffic in silence with maybe the exception of rain and rubber hissing. It is a straight and narrow thoroughfare without room for wandering. Oh how it lusts to roam. Some days it has ambitions to be an avenue or boulevard; even more so a freeway. Even the name sounds musical and full of escape. Envious, the street considers the content sidewalk and questions its simple acceptance of existence. In the cold blue sky, the sun warms both street and sidewalk, a humble gift of equal grace. Grace and weather do not favor.

Frank Rutledge, with his tattered square of joy polishes up whimsy, shines up delight; daily wandering this world with pen and paper to uncover where poetry resides. He is the summer month’s host of Fourth Thursday Harmonious Howl Open Mic at Graham’s 318. He facilitates the Batavia Library Writer’s Workshop. He practices both poetry and short fiction which at times converge as prose poems. He has been published in Arts Beat, Downtown Auroran and Foxtales 1, 2 &3. He co-founded the Saturday morning, Early Risers Writers, an author’s salon. He volunteers with Waterline Writers and, a flash fiction e-zine.

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