The Dust From Whence it Came

By Ronald Larsen

It’s rough when you know somebody is going to die within hours but they don’t. Do you say anything, do anything? And if so, what?

I’m not talking accidents, suicides or murders. Nothing violent like that. I can tell when somebody is ready to go–a healthy person whose time is up. Not like Grandma, stuck in a nursing home, gradually wearing down to where there’s nothing left to keep her alive.

When I was 12, I walked into the summer camp office and saw the secretary had a glow around her, like illumination from behind. But there was no light behind her. I mumbled, “You look nice,” then got the hell out of there, scared by what I saw. And worse, my friend Scott said he didn’t see anything unusual. The next morning, I learned she died peacefully that evening.

A couple years later there was a school bus driver, then Mrs. Wilson from next door and many more over the years. I’d see the glow, then they’d be gone in a day or two. I always wanted to say something, but never could figure out what, if anything, would be appropriate.

It took me a while, but I learned to accept what I see and move on. When somebody is ready to go, it’s none of my business, but it’s still disconcerting.
Recently, I learned from a wise old psychic that I was seeing auras, the energy field that we all have around our bodies. “Most of the time you don’t see it,” he explained, “but in the cases you mentioned, the soul is ready to leave the body, the energy is high, and that person has no fear. He or she will die very soon. To paraphrase the Bible, ‘The soul moves on, and the body goes back to dust from whence it came.'”

Nice to know. It made what I was seeing easier to accept.

This morning, I looked into my bathroom mirror and saw this glow….


Ronald Larsen is a retired electrical engineer who went over to the dark side (Marketing) and spent 50+ years writing manuals, brochures and technical articles in the computer and automation industries. His work has been published in Metaphorosis, Every Day Fiction, 101 Word Stories and numerous engineering magazines.


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