FewerThan500 welcomes your submissions of unpublished, original fiction, creative non-fiction and prose poetry. Note: FewerThan500 focuses its literary collection on fiction, but we will occasionally publish exceptional non-fiction, essays, prose poetry and photos. All original work that is chosen for publication will include no more than 500 words. However, we may occasionally share a link to another site that will include material greater than 500 words.

We are dedicated to publishing the best work of a writer. First drafts are intended for the trash can. Let your creativity flow and then edit for clarity and impact, and proofread for grammar, flow, and syntax. Once you’ve done the work of creating a fully developed, well-edited story, e-mail your submissions to editor@fewerthan500.com for consideration.  Send us your story in Microsoft Word, or Word compatible format (.txt or .rtf are accepted, no PDFs). All photographs should be sent in JPG format. Please include a short bio (50 words or less).

We look for strong, precise language and visuals that create deep emotional impact. Don’t just tell or show the reader what happened; make us feel it.

Include your name, e-mail address, and a short bio (50 words or less). Pen names are acceptable, but bios should not be fictional. Please include your general geographic location in the bio.

Some things to keep in mind:

Upon acceptance, your writing may be edited for grammar or punctuation. The editor may also contact you to discuss revisions that might make your submission stronger.

Your submissions are valuable to us. However, we neither pay nor receive compensation for your work.

You, the author and/or artist, are granting us the rights to:

  • Publish your work on FewerThan500, non-exclusively, forever.
  • Include the story in an anthology – non-exclusively, forever. Should an anthology be published, authors would be notified and asked permission for reprint. Any compensation received from an anthology would be shared with writers.

Simultaneous submissions are OK, but please let us know immediately if your story is accepted anywhere else.

Plagiarism and libel are clearly unacceptable and FewerThan500.com assumes no liability for such. If plagiarism is discovered, your work will be removed and you will be banned from FewerThan500.com.

We reserve the right to reject any submission we determine is not suitable for publication. We request that authors submit no more than one story for consideration per month.