By Angeline Schellenberg

Everyone told Heidi that the sibling-matching app was her best bet. She was so tired of her lovers asking, When are you going to find a new brother?

She didn’t want to die a grieving sister, but they still had their original brothers. How could they know how it felt? Finding a perfect match was harder than they thought. At 40, a new sibling didn’t just fall into your lap.

Brady had been the first to find her hideout in the evergreens. Her chaperone for her first dates. The first person under 80 in her life to die.

Her coworkers were worried she was going to be alone. Heidi’s parents weren’t getting any younger. Did she think she could care for them by herself?

Who would take her to all the brother-sister dances? The sibling cruise?

Closing the app, Heidi set her phone on the night table next to Brady’s watch and keys. Eventually, she knew she’d have to face the brother-ache. There was only so much longing that loving friends and great sex could fill.


Angeline Schellenberg published the triple Manitoba Book Award-winning Tell Them It Was Mozart (Brick Books, 2016), four chapbooks, and her latest collection, Fields of Light and Stone (University of Alberta Press, 2020). She hosts Speaking Crow, a poetry open-mic series in Winnipeg, Canada. “Single” is in honour of Tim.

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