By Ran Walker

If the truth be told, it was a meandering mess of over a thousand pages, but no one could deny that he’d written it, that he’d toiled over it for decades, that he’d intended it to be his magnum opus.

In the end, it mattered only that he was dead—and that the book was eventually published.

A public so thirsty for his work would make sense of it, propel it to the top of the bestseller lists, nudge the critics on how it should be received and interpreted, and color the mess so that it shined like a trophy.


Ran Walker is the author of twenty books. He is the winner of the 2019 Indie Author of the Year and 2019 BCALA Fiction Ebook Awards. He teaches creative writing at Hampton University and lives with his wife and daughter in Virginia. He can be reached via his website,

2 thoughts on “Posthumous”

  1. Fine capture indeed. Before The Plague, I used to see this guy every day at my favorite cafe, scribbling away like mad in what I assume was his favorite journal. It was like looking in a mirror…

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