Sep 282014

by Ritta M. Basu

It wouldn’t be hard to spend every dime she had at a corner bar, April thought as she sat sipping rum and coke, listening to the barmaid talk about how scared teachers in her district were about losing their jobs.

Jesse tended the tiny bar every other weekend to help pay for the master’s program she hoped would increase her salary as a special education teacher. She was a cute young thing with short black hair and a cute enough figure to attract the eyes of the men gathered around watching basketball and talking history and politics. Continue reading »

Sep 242014

by Susan Usher

Religious wars make enemies of brothers. We were married just one year before my husband was killed in battle by his brother. We were so in love and planning to start a family.  I was beyond grief and schemed retribution.  I had a reputation of chastity and purity and loyalty to my husband to maintain which weakened my opportunity for revenge.

But pay the price I must and to hell with the consequences.  I consider myself to be kind and patient, intelligent and articulate. I also have a very determined streak as my father discovered when I wanted to learn to read as a child.  He refused but I insisted and became aware of the politics happening around me.  As a Bedouin woman, I was confident I would be able to use my learnings to bring my brother-in-law to his day of reckoning. My tent was my castle. Continue reading »

Sep 212014

The editors of have recently started publishing a few flash fiction stories from around the Internet that we enjoyed. We didn’t necessarily choose stories that were less than 500 words. This apparently has caused some people to become confused.

So, just to be clear, FewerThan500 only accepts original submissions of fewer than 500 words. And, to be more consistent, going forward any links we share will be to stories that are also fewer than 500 words.

There are some longer flash fiction pieces out there that are fabulous, but we’ll be focusing on sharing the shorter pieces with our readers. If in your reading of other flash fiction, you find something we might like, please send us a note and link to

Sep 172014

by Kitty Jarman

With tiny fists we tapped, tapped, tapped on his door, whispering, “Gustof.” The door would crack open a little as he peeked out like a caged criminal.

“What?” he would ask in a low gruff voice, glancing around behind us.

“We’re hungry.” One of us answered. He always let us in.

We were there begging for money. It’s what we did; along with returning empty beer bottles for their deposits. We were a ragamuffin gang of kids from six to nine years old, living in poverty; running unsupervised on the streets. The streets of a little beach town in Hawaii. It was 1962. Continue reading »

Sep 122014

Since its inception five years ago, FewerThan500 has been a online literary journal, a place on the Internet where stories of fewer than 500 words were published. Following the launch of our re-designed site — a special shout out to editor Kevin Moriarity for the great new look! — we published our first link to a short story our editors enjoyed reading on another literary site.

In order to keep our content fresh for readers of flash fiction, we will be sharing more of the good work we find around the Internet here on FewerThan500. Sometimes we may provide reviews of stories or anthologies, occasionally some contest information, and now and then an article or two about the writing and publishing world.

Our commitment to providing a publishing forum for the writers of quality flash fiction remains at the forefront of our mission.

We are always open to new submissions and invite you to send yours to the editors at We invite you to leave your comments and suggestions for what you’d like to see on our new Contact Us / Submit Your Story page.

Sep 112014

by Brandon Fink

I am no Hemingway – standing at the typewriter writing the backbone vertebrae of novels transfused with the blood fire of drink.

I read “The Sun Also Rises” and thought: What the hell just happened?  Where was this supposed to be going?

Brandon Fink spends time drinking tea, developing eccentric habits, listening to records, and, yes, occasionally writing.  Two chapbooks of poetry are in progress: Absurd Aphorisms and Misadventures in Disco.