Ornaments of Yore

By Misty Posey

The rocker creaked, interrupting the distant carols.  She held tight to her sleeping baby on his first Christmas Eve.  Her husband slumped outside the nursery door, shotgun in hand, nodding asleep.

Pop!  Pop, pop!

Startled, he grappled for the gun. 

They were out.

Every Christmas since their first together, the couple had been plagued by Christmas gremlins.  An antique dealer eagerly sold the alluring set of ornaments to them – ornaments with some history for their first tree, but inside each, a gremlin waited to devastate the holy night.  Attempts to abandon or destroy the ornaments failed.  Always, they returned, peacefully adorning a decorated tree whether the couple had put one up or not.

He rushed downstairs.  It worked!  The frenzied creatures shrieked, unable to cross the partridge feathers wreathing the tree.  Their strange faces twisted, and he fired, exterminating three before noticing – one ornament had rolled past the feather-ring before breaking open.  A gremlin was loose!

Screaming tore his attention upstairs.  He ran.  On the nursery floor, their son lay squalling.  Blood streaked the window and the young mother’s hands, forcing the pane shut.  Through the frosted glass, eyes gleamed fiery-red, and it leapt out of view, leaving them to dread yet another Christmas.

Downstairs, the tree crashed, and they heard the pitter-patters of feet.  This Christmas was not over.

Misty’s work has been featured in publications such as Pif Magazine, Young Adult Literature Review, Strong Verse, Beyond Centauri, Emg-zine, Bards and Sages Quarterly, National Realty’s website, and Poor Mojo’s Almanac. Most recently, she has written original Classical Crossover songs released on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital outlets: MistyPoseymusic.com.

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