Mission to the Moon

By Srijani Ganguly

You look at yourself in the mirror: your fur is smooth and soft, the conditioner has obviously been working wonders, and your teeth are sharp and shiny. You turn to the side, to check if your tummy is protruding, and pat your middle. It seems fine, but you decide to cut down on the meat just in case.

You walk out of your room and head to the kitchen, because now you feel hungry with just that one fleeting thought of food. You open the fridge, say hello to the Captain and the First Engineer, and opt for the salad at the back. It doesn’t taste that good and the lettuce gets stuck inside your dental cavity, but you know you need to have a balanced diet. Plus, you need to spend at least ten days at the final destination, so you have to ration your food.

After you’ve done eating, you clean the plates till you see your adorable face reflecting on them. You whistle a tune, perhaps it’s “Claire De Lune,” and walk towards the cockpit. There, you check the control panel, you clean the glass with a squeaky cloth and settle down on the chair.

A thought flies by, as you feel a tad lonely. You wish for a second that your colleagues were there with you. But then a burp travels through your pipes, reminding you that you had the Captain for dinner last night, and you stare ahead at the soft, inviting pale beauty ahead. In an instant, then, you are filled with an intense longing, an ancient and intrinsic desire of your kind. And this time, after long, you give in: you turn your head up, your snout in the air, and howl freely without a care.


Srijani Ganguly is currently pursuing an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Limerick in Ireland. She has six years of experience as a journalist in India, and BA Geography and MA English degrees as well. Her stories have appeared in Five:2:One, The Ogham Stone, The Roadrunner Review, The Drabble and Didcot Writers till date.

4 thoughts on “Mission to the Moon”

  1. Delicious little story, tightly written and with the perfect last line. Thankyou, I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Great way to introduce the character. And to end the piece with a closer look. Interesting how you started the story at this point. Nice.

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