Lies, All Lies

By David Berger

“Lies, all lies,” the White Whale said. “Fact is, t’was a salmagundi from beginning to end. There I was in the Southern Ocean, looking for my sweetheart, Timor Tammy. And he and his boat comes again: that damned New England maniac. I clipped his leg last time, but he can’t take a hint. And he’s got that Rokovokan sniper pitchin’ harpoons. So what am I s’posed to do? They won’t let me alone! So I rammed their lousy ship and sank it. And as for that lying bastard of a writer, I should have et him when I had a chance.”


David Berger is an old Brooklyn guy, now in Manhattan with his wife of 25 years, who he calls the finest singer in NYC. Berger has been a caseworker, construction worker, letter carrier, high school and ESL teacher, legal proofreader and union organizer. He loves life, his wife and the world. He hopes to help the latter escape destruction.

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