It's Complicated

By Kerry White

“Summer, then fall and winter followed by spring. We have seen many seasons together, haven’t we?  I could easily see dying in spring, Aerill; everything new and growing,” the old one said.

Immortal Aerill, the sylph, stretched as feline as possible on the chaise, flashed a pointed smile and sprung to grasp his chest over the heart, fingers extended, claws out and pricking through the dense garments to his skin. He felt the warmth of blood.

“Oh, let me do it, warlock, a quick death for you and a heart for me,” she whispered in a sultry tone .

He laid his spotted hand over Aerill’s, “It would be release for you if I agreed, your binding has been for decades now. Is that what you want?” Her grip sank deeper, then released. He pulled the elemental closer, peered into the moss green eyes before him and placed his mouth over the parted lips. Aerill’s snake tongue lashed between them, rough and eager. Her tail reached around between his legs and moved them intimately closer.

He broke the moment, “Not yet, my lovely.” Aerill pushed him away and returned to the chaise. Eyes dimmed to slits; tail swishing, back and forth.

He reached for his coat and staff, “I have a errand to run.” Aerill showed no reaction. “It involves a nasty dragon in Brendenshire. They’ve asked for my assistance.” Still not a twitch.

He opened the door to walk out but paused, “Would you miss me Aerill, if I were gone?” Without looking he knew she had materialized behind him.

Aerill’s voice rasped into his left ear, “You are a silly old warlock but you had me at dragon and I am bored and oh so hungry.”

They walked into the brightness of a fine spring day together.

Kerry White has seen 66 years but never really left the 60’s. He misses love beads, bell bottoms and platform shoes. Mid western by culture he seeks far horizons and different life views. Retired from the normal work day after years in graphic arts, White currently embraces the discipline of writing and has been published in Fewer Than 500, Flash Fiction Magazine and Fox Tales III.

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