Hell is Other Writers

By B Fink

I am no Hemingway – standing at the typewriter writing the backbone vertebrae of novels transfused with the blood fire of drink.

I read “The Sun Also Rises” and thought: What the hell just happened?  Where was this supposed to be going?

Brandon Fink spends time drinking tea, developing eccentric habits, listening to records, and, yes, occasionally writing.  Two chapbooks of poetry are in progress: Absurd Aphorisms and Misadventures in Disco.


0 thoughts on “Hell is Other Writers”

  1. Agree with you on Sun. I loved For Whom the Bell Tolls. Old Man and the Sea and Farewell to Arms were OK, but this one was lost on me. I guess you had to be of that generation/era and we are too far removed. I never understood his fascination with bullfighting–it struck me as pretentiously macho but that’s Hemingway.

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