Helen Schock

By H. Adam Ruffalo

“Helen Schock? No, that name doesn’t ring a bell. Are you sure she went to our high school?” asked Myra.

“The obituary said she did. Maybe the newspaper got it wrong,” Robert volunteered.

“Wait. Was she the one Joseph Steiner took to the senior prom?”

“No, no, that was Leola Stoll. Remember how upset Pete Shaw got when he found out Joey asked her? Pete was sure keen on Leola.”

“Who didn’t Peter carry a torch for? Robert, do you remember all the fun we used to have at the student council meetings? I swear Miss Young was ready to pull her hair out by the time our senior year was over. We sure did give her a hard time.”

“Poor Miss Young. I heard she finally retired last year after 40 years. Oh, I almost forgot, I ran into Harry Stoll last week.”

“Oh really? What are he and his beautiful bride Sylvia up to these days?”

“They were going to gas up his new Ford and then head down to Palm Beach for a little R&R. Well, it was nice to see you again, Myra. I’ve got to head back to the office.”

The two kissed on the cheek, and Myra sat back down in the booth. She reached for the paper and glanced at the obituary. No, Helen Schock still did not ring a bell. It really is sad how a person can live for 20 odd years and never leave a mark on this world.

Helen Schock

Born April 15, 1915. Died June 1, 1937. She is survived by her parents Dennis and Martha Schock. She graduated from George Washington High School in 1933. May her tortured soul finally be at rest.

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  1. The author has,in under 500 words brought to light a shallow aspect of people.It is unfortunate Helen left without leaving a mark.In any of her schoolmates hearts or conscience.Wonderful story!Kudos to the author.

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