FT500 Author James Thibeault Releases Latest Book!

DeaconsFollyThe book is called Deacon’s Folly. You can purchase the book through Sartoris Literary  or on Amazon.com.

The quick summary is:

When a newly-appointed deacon questions why an entire backwoods town enjoys ridiculing a dull-witted teenager named Devon, he discovers no one is willing to tell him the truth. The new deacon is determined to discover Devon’s forgotten past, and the reason why it is never discussed

This is a book I have been working for years and if it wasn’t for websites like FewerThan500.com publishing small pieces like this, I would have never had the confidence to try and get a book published. This website is an excellent location to get your work out there and don’t be afraid to submit!

Thank you James for the kind words, the editors at FewerThan500 really appreciate it!

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