FewerThan500 Expands Editorial Staff

We are delighted to announce the addition of B Fink and H. Adam Ruffalo to the FewerThan500 editorial team.

The pair will serve as assistant editors and will be active in the effort to expand the literary website’s collection of flash fiction from writers around the world.

Read more about the new assistant editors here.

Fink and Ruffalo join FewerThan500 publisher and editor, Ritta M. Basu; managing editor, Kevin Moriarity; and associate editor, Frank Rutledge as members of the editorial board. The team works together to review and select stories for publication on the site, as well as develop ideas for increasing readership and submissions.

The editorial board continually welcomes the input and feedback of our readers and appreciate the role you play in making FewerThan500 a great source for writers and readers of the flash fiction genre. Please send feedback to editor@fewerthan500.com.

Send your submissions of original short fiction to stories@fewerthan500.com.

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