Fair Trade

By Barbara Ruth

For the sex date she said we should eat crackers and fruit. Nothing heavy. She changed the crackers to lavash as she was French Algerian, this woman who decreed what we should eat for the sex date. We discussed avocados, but in the end, rejected.

All this was before pot was legal; it would have helped. Persimmons, yes, we cut up a persimmon. I liked the idea of pomegranate, but she vetoed it as too messy. Sensuous, oui, messy, non. Tangerines and bananas, those were the other fruit. Not exotic, well, yes exotic, but here in California we have become accustomed to so much.

We licked each other’s fingers and drank sparkling cider from my wooden goblet. She wore nylons and garters, and was packing as well.

I wore 100% organic cotton sweats. We were at my house, as we were for all our dates, since she was married. We listened to Enigma and Barcelona with Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe. Oh yes, we fed each other grapes and laughed at the cliche.

I supplied the cloth napkins. Fair Trade.

Barbara Ruth grew up in villages and towns with populations between 300 and 6,000 in the Midwest (US). As an adult, she has lived in small towns in Vermont, Massachusetts, Michigan and California. She currently lives in Silicon Valley, which strikes her as very unlikely.

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