Dark Bedroom with Mirror

By Frank Rutledge

Under a blanket of night the full length mirror watches my twitchy, sleeping body. Through the window a summer full moon’s glow gets swallowed by the silvery glass. Cold, smooth whispers emanate from objects reflected like prisoners begging release.

My slippers wait like worshipers for the return of my cold feet. A novel open wide and face down in the bed. A glass of water on the nightstand hatches bubbles as it warms to room temperature.

The 3 a.m. clock radio forgotten on all night, recites a short story, the plot entangling with my dreaming. “The car sped past. Three threatening figures lean out the open windows…”

A simple dressing mirror or a silent piece of furniture harboring dangerous agendas? With insatiable hunger it waits. Harmless during daylight – it grows stronger with each passing night. It feeds on nightmares, unconscious disturbances and the debris of a life failing, breaking down.

If not tonight, then some coming night it will catch up with me, I’m certain.

Frank Rutledge is a Fox Valley author of poetry and short fiction. He is the current facilitator of the Batavia Library Writers Workshop. He helped develop and organize the three years of the “Author’s Festival” held also at the Batavia library. In April 2011, he held a poetry workshop for Poetry Month at the same library.  He hosts the summer WorD-PlaY Open Mike at Grahams 318 in Geneva, Il. and performs his spoken word at various open mikes in the area. He is a member of Writers Anonymous, an improvisation writing group and the St. Charles Writers Group, belonging to both for more than ten years. His two books of poetry are available on Amazon:  http://tiny.cc/clothedinaugustskin and http://tiny.cc/punchline.

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