Author Profile: Peter Borger


How and when did you decide, or discover, that you were to be a writer?

I decided to become a writer the day I finished my first novel. I’ve written three more since then.

What inspired you to write flash fiction?

I read a story called “A Day on the Wind Farm” and couldn’t believe how an author got so much emotion into a story of only two pages. It’s been a goal for me to shoot for since that reading.

Describe your writing process.

I’m a coffee lover, and go out every evening to my local twenty-four hour coffee shop. It’s there I write each night.

What was the inspiration behind what was published on

I lost my wife of forty-two years recently, and it was that event that prompted this story.

What are you working on now?

I’ve been working on a group of novelettes about a detective named Dom Eggert. The group of stories would be titled “The Eggert Chronicles.”

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