Author Profile: Misty Posey

How and when did you decide, or discover, that you were to be a writer?

When I was a kid, I wrote stories (most about unicorns) and bound them with construction paper and staples, my own artwork on the cover. It never occurred to me I wouldn’t write.

What inspired you to write flash fiction?

My husband. As a filmmaker, he is a master at making a complete story in a very short film. We have written and edited many scripts together.

Describe your writing process.

Driving clears my mind, and I sort out all kinds of story details. One night, I wrote my favorite poem, “Moon, oh Moon,” and had to repeat it in my head until I reached home. Now I try to keep a recorder with me! When my brain feels tired and not-so-creative, I do what I call “slough-work.” As long as I’m not in my happy-place, I might as well go through the drudgery of fixing things – anything I’ve marked to go back to: a word, a sentence, a visual, and parts I wrote so quickly I couldn’t stop without losing momentum. One small thing at a time, I focus and get work done.

What was the inspiration behind what was published on

My mother and grandmother have had some fairly old ornaments on their Christmas trees. I imagined older, more mysterious ones surviving the centuries, possessing some secret or curse, and those felt like creepy yet unassuming objects that would center my story.

What are you working on now?

I have more original songs coming! “Come Along to the Enchanted Forest,” will be released online (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play) at the end of January – a fun, energetic piece that includes Irish musicians. I’m also working on the second book of a YA fantasy novel trilogy – I hope to get this project on the market next year.

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