Author Profile: Jake Pritchett


How and when did you decide, or discover, that you were to be a writer?

I started writing when I was 16. I had just finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  Something about writing felt so worthwhile— like right thing to do. My mother was the one to always read my stories first. A published novelist, she gave me equal parts encouragement and edits. I think she understood why I loved to write.

What inspired you to write flash fiction?

Before I ever wrote, I liked to read flash—though I didn’t know it was called flash. The brevity made it impactful. Writing flash poses an interesting challenge—how to create the most meaning in the shortest space. I liked that and I loved using every word to mean just the right thing. Maybe I just have commitment issues—you only have to remain monogamous for about 500 words, as it seems.

Describe your writing process.

That’s a rough one—it assumes that I have a process. I suppose I write whenever I feel like I have something to say. That is, I have an idea or scene that is bugging me. In that way writing serves as a resolution.

What was the inspiration behind what was published on

I’ve always liked the image of someone smoking. To this day, when I see a smoker I like to sneak a look at their face. I guess this story is an examination of why I like that.

What are you working on now?

For the time being, I’m just sticking to my flash stories.

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