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How and when did you decide, or discover, that you were to be a writer?

Originally, in grade school I was very set on being a doctor. I already had the messy handwriting, however my doctor dreams were solely driven by the income they make. Thankfully, that idea of money controlling my aspirations diminished the older I got. Unfortunately, I was never concerned about the future. My sophomore, and junior year were filled with playing video games and being awkward talking to women. Usually senior year is when the gravity of the real world being just a cap and gown away sets in. If I’m being honest, that reality didn’t hit me ‘til the tail end. Within the second half of the year, I had a television/film class. Before this class I had never thought about pursuing filmmaking as a career. The emotional responses I saw from people watching my videos is what really made it click in my head that it’s a possibility. Stepping foot in the semi-real world, I had followed my interest in filmmaking. I had applied to Middlesex County College with the intent of receiving a degree in writing, because I had believed that GREAT writing is the backbone to GREAT films. But I believe I didn’t  REALLY decide to become a writer until I had entered Prof. Marshall’s scriptwriting class. Within the class I had written a few scripts but they were terrible, there were some salvageable bits and pieces but most of them were garbage. I had returned home feeling defeated and contemplating a career change, but I didn’t. I kept going and followed this passion I had. I decided to watch films and study scripts, to help improve my writing, remembering Prof. Marshall’s teaching played a huge role too. I’m still learning, I doubt that will ever end.

What inspired you to write flash fiction?

In another one of  Prof. Marshall’s classes writing flash fiction was an assignment. I was very attracted to the idea of such economic writing. Quickly I went home and studied any flash fictions I could find online, and just tried my best. Bringing people into a world with less than 500 words will continue to intrigue me. It will fascinate me enough to have a flash fiction filled future.

Describe your writing process.

A lot of my writing process is truthfully done in my head. Before I even hit the power button to my laptop I spend days thinking of different ideas. I ask my friends and family for opinions, or what they would do. The ideas I believe are good enough usually linger. I think about those during my day, while I flip burgers, take a shower, or driving. One can probably guess that outlining is a dirty word to me; they’ll be right. I have outlined in the past, but the final script didn’t vibe well with me so I scrapped it and just used my thoughts. When I begin to like the flow of an idea, I love to research as much as I can before writing. This research can be anything from finding what common cars people drive in an area, or asking people questions in real life .When an Idea finally sits well with me I prefer to write it at night in my room, probably a side effect from college.

What was the inspiration behind what was published on

I believe that we underestimate ourselves so much throughout our lives, it depowers us. We have the ability to persevere through any situation. We also feed ourselves, give ourselves wealth, and solve our problems. We do the job that God is doing, on a smaller scale obviously. But I wanted to question what happens when we average working class people are put in this God position. Doing God’s job, judging.

What are you working on now?

Currently, I am planning a short film, and writing a comic book that is a character study of a gun runner. I would describe it as “Taxi Driver” meets “Mad Max.”

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