Author Profile: Brian Howley

BrianHowleyHow and when did you decide, or discover, that you were to be a writer?

My love affair with words began in Grade 6 at Primary school with a teacher Mr McManus who instilled in me a love of Australian literature. It continued through teachers college in the 1980’s resulting in readings of poetry at the RJ Hawke Hotel in Brunswick  in Melbourne. Over the years I have dabbled in short stories winning the Joseph Furphy Literary Prize in Shepparton in 2000 and the North Central Review writing prize in 2008 resulting in the publication of Woo Woo People a collection of short stories. recently I have been finding inspiration on twitter @howleybrianp1. Some amazing prompts and writers.

What inspired you to write flash fiction?

From 1998 to 2002 I wrote a column for the Shepparton News newspaper requiring clarity and concise writing., Strict editing became part of that process. The natural extension of this was to apply the same principles to more creative “flash fiction”.

Describe your writing process.

I carry a notebook and take notes constantly. When words and ideas appear I like to capture them. They are easily lost and forgotten. I try to put aside a couple of hours a week just to write and read and enjoy words. Twitter is a great daily motivator.

What was the inspiration behind what was published on

Res Judicata was inspired by my Catholic upbringing and my sense that if God does exist  then he will be mightily pissed off at the treatment of his world.  The only thing which might deter further damage is a very personal visit from a very angry God.

What are you working on now?

I am currently editing a number of short stories, passionately writing poetry on twitter @howleybrianp1 and hoping to publish a very Australian based Childrens Book with enormous marketing potential. Penguin showed some interest many years ago and I am only just re editing it now. I would love a publisher of Children’s Books to have a look at it and tell me what they think.

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